Charlie Todd is a director, writer, and producer who has been a part of the UCB Theatre since 2001. He performs every Saturday night with The Curfew and hosts the monthly "tipsy political round table" Two Beers In. Charlie performs at ASSSSCAT 3000 every now and then as well. Charlie hosted and produced the legendary show CageMatch for over a decade, creating the comedy wrestling league The UCBW in the process. Charlie was a founding member of the long-running UCB house team Reuben Williams, performing with them for the entirety of their six-year run on Harold Night and the weekend. A teacher for many years at UCB, Charlie now focuses his energy on bits. Outside of UCB, Charlie is the founder of the prank collective Improv Everywhere, creating and directing the group's projects since 2001. Improv Everywhere's videos have been viewed a half billion times on YouTube. Charlie also works in television and recently served as executive producer of MTV's late night comedy, The Middle of the Night Show.

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