James Folta is a writer, editor, and comedian. His writing has been published by The New Yorker, McSweeney's, Topic, The American Bystander, National Lampoon, Funny or Die, Esquire, The Onion, and more. A complete list of clippings and projects is available at www.jamesfolta.com. He is the managing editor of the humor website Points in Case (www.pointsincase.com) . He co-created and co-edited The New Yorker parody, The Neu Jorker (www.0sand1s.com/neujorker), as well as the political satire project, Paul Ryan magazine (www.wiscohunk.com) He is the co-creator of The Satire and Humor Festival (www.satireandhumor.com) and hosts a monthly reading series called An Evening of Humorous Readings (www.humorousreadings.tumblr.com). Subscribe to his weekly newsletter, A Newsletter of Humorous Writing (www.tinyletter.com/humorouswriting). Management: Jack Greenbaum, The Arlook Group jgreenbaum [at] arlookgroup [dot] com